Team Handbook And Rulebook

Team rules are subject to revisions and updates by team and may be updated at anytime. By accepting free gear and purchasing a team season pass you agree to the terms in the Team Ambush Handbook.

Section 1 Team Bunkhouse

A) EMR Season Pass is required to be purchased to have a reserved bunk in the team bunkhouse.
B) Electric bill for bunkhouse is to be split between all full members.
C) No destroying other team mates or team property. Restitution is required if damage occurs.
D) Bunkhouse must be left in good condition and clean before leaving.
E) Only full members receive keys to access the bunkhouse.

Section 2 Player’s Conduct

A) No arguing with referees, players, or teams.
B) No foul language.
C) No cheating.
D) No speaking poorly or negative about team sponsors. Any concerns about sponsors are to be handled and discussed internally amongst the team.
E) No promoting products that directly conflict with current team sponsors.
F) No misconduct of any kind.

Section 3 Player’s Requirements

A) Full members are required to buy an EMR Season Pass.
B) Full members are required to split cost of electric for bunkhouse.
C) Full members must attend no less then 5 games a year and play in the Team Ambush Alpha Squad uniform.
D) Full members will receive free gear from our sponsors each season. Gear must be returned in good working condition upon leaving the team.
E) Full members are required to help with various team projects such as; helping at vendor’s booth, work details, photography, writing articles, financials, etc.
F) Associate Members must attend no less then 3 games a year and play in the Team Ambush Alpha Squad uniform.
G) Associate members must pay a $50 membership fee for access to the team bunkhouse. Membership fee is used for bunkhouse and field supplies.
H) Associate members must pay for sponsor’s gear at discounted prices or you may use the team’s community gear at games. Community gear is limited.
I) Team friends have no requirements other then wearing an Ambush Alpha jersey. The team friend jersey does not have the team logo on it or any sponsors listed on it. Any brand or manufacturers gear may be used while wearing this jersey.
J) All members must wear approved uniform and gear or have approval to wear or use other gear. You may not use gear that is directly in conflict or in competition with our sponsor’s products. Always check with team captain before wearing or using other gear that is not listed as part of our approved uniform / gear.

Section 4 Approved Uniform / Gear

The following lists contain mandatory, optional, choice, and preferred gear for both the speedball and scenario teams. All gear that is listed as mandatory is required to be worn. You may not wear the team uniform and or may not be allowed to play in the game with Team Ambush if you can’t obtain the mandatory gear. Some team gear may be available to use but there is no guarantee that there will be extra gear available. Please check with the team’s captain and co-captains before purchasing new gear. You may be required to buy our sponsor’s gear when upgrading or purchasing new gear. The team is currently in a transitional stage, while we our transitioning over to a fully sponsored team, we will need to buy some gear to show our support and dedication to our sponsors. In some cases the sponsors may support us financially, if this occurs you may also be required to purchase the gear from our sponsors. All gear purchases will be at cost or discounted prices. As the season goes on and the team grows, more and more free gear will be provided to us. Please check with the captain of the team to see what gear will be provided to you for free from our team’s sponsors.

Optional – not required but if that type of gear is worn, listed gear must be used
Choice – no required sponsor but preferred if you use sponsor
Mandatory – must be worn or used unless option is listed
Preferred – not required to use but preferred if you use listed sponsor’s gear

A) Friends Uniform & Gear
- Ambush Alpha Basic Jersey (mandatory)
B) Full & Associate Member Uniform / Gear
- Ambush Alpha Pants 06 (mandatory – if item was given to player)
     - Rothco Black BDU (optional – wear only if player hasn’t received 06 pants)
- Ambush Alpha Jersey 06 (mandatory – if item was given to player)
     - 05 Ambush Alpha Black Jersey (optional – wear only if player hasn’t received 06 Jersey)
     - 05 APP Ambush Alpha Jersey (optional – wear only if player hasn’t received 06 Jersey)
- Red Evil Gloves (preferred)
     - APP Gloves (optional)
     - Scott Gloves (optional)
- Hoffman Paintball Bandana, Head Wrap, Doorag, Sandana, etc. (mandatory – if item was given to player)
- Evil Pimp Marker (preferred)
     - Speedball Marker (choice – player may use any type of speedball marker)
     - Scenario Marker BT (mandatory – if BT marker was given to player, no other scenario marker may be used)
- Marker Accessories APP, BT, Evil/PMI (optional)
- Ricochet Hopper (mandatory – if item was given to player)
     - Q-Loader System (optional – may use the Q-Loader if the Ricochet Hopper is not preferred)
- APP Harness (mandatory – if item was given to player)
     - Cops 911 (optional)
- APP Pods (mandatory – if item was given to player)
     - Q-Loader Pods (optional)
     - Ambush Alpha Pods (optional)
- Fire Fox Throat Mics (mandatory – if item was given to player)
- Black Boots / Sneakers (choice)
     - Rothco (preferred)
- Scott Goggles (mandatory – players must purchase goggles at cost or use community goggles if available)
- Guerrilla Air Regulator (mandatory -  – if item was given to player, no other regulator may be used)
- Air Tank (choice)
     - Guerrilla Air, Evil, Pure Energy (preferred)
- Barrel Evil/PMI, BT, Ambush Alpha (optional)
- Energy Paintball Batteries (mandatory – if item was given to player, batteries will be limited and should last several games, if you drain your batteries playing non Ambush Alpha events, you will have to purchase more at cost)
- HooAhhs Field Towels (mandatory – no other cleaner may be used)
- Hype Energy Drink (mandatory – you can not have another energy drink while jersey is worn)
- P&D Ordnance (mandatory – no other grenade or mine may be used)
- EMR Field Pass (mandatory – for full membership, team receives banner, team field, and bunkhouse)
- Gunslingers Pro Shop (optional – provides Evil sponsor and other services)
- C.A.G.G. Specialty Weapons (optional – supplier of specialty weapons like, grenade launchers, LAWS rockets, etc.)

Section 5 Team Equipment

A) All equipment provided to you for free is property of Ambush Alpha.
B) If at such time you are no longer a part of Ambush Alpha, you must return all gear that was provided to you free of charge.
C) If you purchased the gear, you will either be reimbursed for the gear or you may keep it.
D) There will be some gear that will be considered team gear. This gear is for all team member use. This gear will be returned at the end of each game.

Section 6 Player’s Status / Benefits

There are 3 different player statuses on Team Ambush Alpha Squad.

A) Full Members – plays 5+ games a year, purchase season pass, pay electric bill on bunkhouse, receive free gear from sponsors, receive large discounts on gear, receive bunkhouse privileges, receive many other various benefits.
B) Associate Members – plays 3 games a year minimum, do not have to purchase season pass, pay $50 membership fee, do not receive free gear from sponsors, receive discounts on gear, receive some bunkhouse privileges and may use the bunkhouse if space is available and a full member is present.
C) Team Friend – is not required to attend a minimum amount of games. They receive no benefits and no privileges. Friends must uphold the same standards as other members. A basic Ambush Alpha jersey will be required to be worn during games. However, Friends are not required to use any specific gear.

* Any violation will result in a warning. Repeated warnings may result in removal from team and or team bunkhouse.