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CAGGLogoDrawing.jpg (97149 bytes)     "Wow. It looks amazing. I showed it to a few people, and great responses all around. I think it'd look great on the back of a t-shirt. Well worth the money."  William Griffin -

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     Feel free to browse through our Online Sales Catalog that contains thousands of promotional items that are at an everyday sale prices. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us by email at or phone us at (484) 358-9674 with details of the service or item you are inquiring about. If you have seen it some where else, we can do it. If you have your own original  idea, we can do it. The skies the limit, you control what and how you would like your advertising done. However, due to the wide range of items and services we offer, it is extremely difficult to list exact pricing. Below is a basic price list on some of the items and services we offer.


2D Full Color Custom Logo $50-$150
3D Full Color Custom Logo $100 and up
Art Work Editing $30-$100
10 Search Engine Submission $20
50 Search Engine Submission $50
Domain Registration $20
Web site Hosting $15-$50
3 Page Basic Web site $150-$350
4+ Page Web sites $375 and up
Patches $.39-$3.24
Decals $.06-$1.83
Custom Screen Printing Free Quote
CNC Machining / Engraving Free Quote
Promotional Items / Materials Free Quote
Custom Counters / Display Cases Free Quote
Custom Signs Free Quote
Custom Work / Items Not Listed Free Quote


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